You can perform installation yourself. It can be seamlessly implemented with little technical skill.


IMPORTANT: of if you will have to perform part of the installation in your electric switchboard, you won’t be able to touch it yourself. A trained electrician will have to perform the work.

Usually the most difficult part of installation is finding and properly assigning wires/lines. If your cellar looks similar to the one in the next picture... may be difficult to figure out which wires and lines go where.


  • It isn’t documented

  • Colours aren’t clear, because wire pairs are always composed of a colour plus white. Which white is which?

  • Somewhere along the way, the wires are split again. What may have started as red doesn’t arrive red.

An important device that can simplify the search is a standard multimeter

In addition to the multimeter, you will also need two phones and a friend to help you search (and the necessary tools to unscrew the phone or antenna outlet).

The principle:

hot-wire two wires on one end and use the multimeter on the other end to check if there is a short circuit.

This is done as follows:

  • Open phone outlet or antenna outlet

  • Optional: Photograph the current state (in case you have to put something back how it was)

  • Choose two wires and set the multimeter for a continuity check

  • Coordinate with the person who is helping you and continue checking one after the other until the multimeter indicates success

  • Connect two-wire LAN devices


We recommend performing a dry run before “screwing the devices onto the wall”. See the instructions for that here.

Special notice:

  • Connect the components with each other first and then connect the power supply unit to the power supply LAST
  • Make sure that plus and minus are not switched

Mounting at the final location

Once you have successfully performed the dry run, you are ready to install the devices at the final location.

See the example video here

Coupling devices the first time

If a device is no longer to be coupled with another device, because:

  • It was explicitly decoupled by pressing the GRP button for an extended period of time
  • It had a faulty contact for a long time and therefore lost its configuration
  • You want to decouple it from one group and couple it with another

Then the device must be set to coupling mode and recoupled as described in the video

Quick Start Instructions

Here is the 2-page quick start instruction which is also included in each set